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30 Jul

Creative Design

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Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time, but great design is certainly not serendipitous.

Exceptional design isn't just about making things look pretty. It's about creating value by making design more meaningful, useful and engaging. Design is a problem-solving process that is essential to the visual interpretation and translation of brands to an audience. A successful brand must have a good story about the organization behind it.

Before we can design a solution, we must recognize the problem by understanding the business context in which your brand must function. We identify and utilize every brand touch point - from print to environments - so that we can create a lasting and coherent brand identity system. We work within your brand guidelines and your marketing initiatives to establish a sharp and effective visual interface design that supports your business goals and attracts customers.

There’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes (and between our ears) before we get to work behind the keyboard. We think deeply about the task at hand. In the office. At home. In the car. While we sleep. This way, we never shoot from the hip.

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1 comment

  • David Duda

    During the time I worked with Joe Goodwin, I found him to be a person of diverse talents. We both worked in a highly complex environment, one that generally takes several months to truly grasp. Joe was able to adapt to these complexities faster than I have ever seen before or since. I observed two distinct reasons for this: One is that he is intelligent and possesses a very comprehensive knowledge of marketing, printing and information technology. The other, and perhaps more significant reason is that he simply puts in the effort required to learn quickly. I would estimate that he worked an average of 11 - 12 hours per day for the first month or two that I worked with him. I have never seen anyone with such energy and determination. I highly recommend him

    Report David Duda Saturday, 16 August 2008 23:01 Comment Link
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